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Divorce is Stressful

Join me to complete your divorce with 

less stress and more peace!

I'll guide you through every step of the way to complete your divorce - no muss no fuss! Did you know a typical retainer to hire an attorney costs a minimum of $3500 and typically can run $5,000 on up. This fee is for paperwork and filings and does NOT include required parenting classes, mediation, parent coaching or any counseling for you and your children. This all adds up! 

I have seen couples spend tens of thousands of dollars on UP to HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars - no kidding! I am mortified hearing these numbers and I am sure you are too! 

STOP the divorce fee bleed! I can help you put MORE money back in your pocket and walk away with durable agreements AND sanity!

Get started  TODAY and be on your way to a smooth divorce:

I'll guide you through paperwork *
I'll help you mediate the tough issues, those areas where you continue to stay stuck
You will have access to me through email and consultation calls to polish details and ask questions as part of this special package
Mandatory parenting class is included for each of you
Peace of mind is baked in knowing you have done your best through this process and it will be done correctly and calmly

*Please keep in mind I do NOT provide legal advice but I CAN guide you with over 30 years of experience in the Court system.

I know what works!!!

Get your 'Stress-Free Divorce Package' TODAY!

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